Maryland to spend millions on thousands of slot machines
The state of Maryland’s Board of Public Works recently signed on to agree that the state should sign a $200 million contract to buy around 5,000 slot machines. The initial deal was to purchase thousands more slot machines that would cost an additional $400 million. But the deal was cut down to a smaller amount.

State Comptroller Peter Franchot, Governor Martin O’Malley and Treasurer Nancy Kopp sit on the board and it was Franchot who pushed the other board members to delay purchasing up to 10,000 more slot machines. Franchot wanted to wait until there was a place for the thousands of slot machines.

Franchot stated: “it’s not as if it’s in a vacuum. I mean, we’re cutting state jobs, we’re cutting state programs, we’re in fiscal crisis, we’ve got a long-term state debt that everybody is struggling with, and we’re simply not swimming in money.”

The new contract that was approved by the board will be funding the purchase and maintenance of around 2,300 slot machines for two Maryland locations. This includes a horse racing track new Ocean City and another one which is located in Cecil County, which should open this fall.

- 2010-04-12

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