Slots Player Uses Motivation to Win Major Slots Prize
We all dream of visiting faraway lands. Maybe you want to visit Hawaii or the ruins of Greece. Everyone has a special place they would like to visit and experience. One gambler recently used his special place as an incentive to win a slots game. Giles R. was playing at the Grande Vegas Casino when he decided to use his goal of going to Machu Picchu to win a major cash prize.

The player was able to win $260,000 in two daysí time. First the player was enjoying the Triple Twister game and after a few spins and the bonus rounds, he was able to earn several jackpots in the thousands of dollars range. Gilles stated that he continued to get the weather vane symbols and he continues to get free games and win cash.

Once he reached the $260,000 mark he quit playing and started dreaming of what he could do with the money. Like every other winner, Gilles thought of many ways he could spend the money but continued to go back to the picture of Machu Picchu in Peru that he had taped to his monitor. The Inca area is one that the player has always wanted to visit and decided to use the picture as motivation.

Whether the picture was motivation or a good luck charm, Gilles will now be able to go to the monument and see it in person! This amount of money is life changing and Gilles should be able to take the special trip as well as use the money in many other ways as well. He is in for a beautiful and spiritual journey and this win just shows that anything is possible! So set your goals and dreams and maybe you will be the next big winner!

- 2013-08-29

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